June 2014

Content Update

    • : All content in BizMiner US and Local Industry Financial series; Micro-Firm Profit & Loss series; and the US and Local Industry Market Report series has been updated with year-end 2013 data. Our new BizBenchmarker series also debuts with 2011-12-13 content (BizBenchmarker details below).

New Interface

    • : The site has a fresh, more navigable look and feel which makes it easier than ever to compare our products and determine exactly what you want and need.

New BizBenchmarker Series

    • : Now it’s possible to match BizMiner’s uniquely robust content with a vivid presentation tool designed for client presentations that are clear to sophisticated users and novices alike.

Our new BizBenchmarker series

    •  encourages complete customization of your benchmark report; You decide which years, which ratios and which data to display. Three-year BizBenchmarker reports include firm-to-industry scores on an easy-to understand 1-5 scale for up to 23 ratios, as well as four Category scores and an Overall rating. BizBenchmarker is available as a stand-alone product or as one of our new subscription options (below):

New Subscription Options

    • : We’ve moved to a customer friendly “

Build Your Own Subscription

    • ” structure. Choose from one or up to four database options with a fixed cost for each add-on series. Build your own subscription from these options: US Industry Financial package; Local Industry Financial package; BizBenchmarker package; Industry Market package. The four-package suite also includes our Retail Sales per square foot report at no added cost.

Legacy Year Outlier Revisions

    • : Our ongoing quality review process identified 188 outlier data points in legacy year Industry Financial and Micro-Firm content (about one point out of every 13,000 in our financial database). Not all of these were in previously published reports. Quality control filters applied to these data points resulted in legacy year changes to reports in about the same number of NAICS-6 industries.
    • In addition, coding errors were identified which had caused erroneous Cost of Sales and Gross Margin calculation in the industry-wide versions of some Local Industry Financial reports. These were corrected in both the June and March 2014 releases. No sales class-specific Industry Financials reports, and no US Industry Financial reports were affected.
    • Finally, we identified additional 2009 data of sufficient quality to allow us to add more than 500 reports of various sales classes to various industries. These reports were previously unpublished due to lack of 2009 data. Their publication results in new 5-year reports, but also in the recalculation of affected rollup reports (industrywide and NAICS-2-3-4) to include these new sales classes. Supplemented sales class reports rolled up at the NAICS-2-3-4 levels can be identified by changed listings of applied NAICS-6 industries on P1 of those reports.
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