March 2014

    • Due to recalculation of limited serve restaurant data, some local industry population and other data has been revised as of March 28. US totals have not changed, nor have other restaurant/eating place industry segments been revised at the local level. This limited local data revision does not affect any financial series reports.
    • On March 5, BizMiner posted an interim March 2014 release for the Industry Financial series, including revised versions of statewide Local Industry Financial Reports. The March 2014 posting corrects a missed electronic signal in the statewide version of the Local Industry Financial series which had caused the duplication of values in statewide financial reports for any given industry and sales class combination. No Metro- or US-level Industry Financial reports were affected by either the original problem or its correction. Likewise, no other report series, including the Industry Market Report and Competitive Market Analyzer series, were affected.
    • A revised report is being offered to purchasers of affected statewide Local Industry Financial reports. In response to this issue, we have also enhanced our automated and manual pre-publication testing regimen.
    • Affected reports that were previously loaded by customers will retain their original 2013 release dates and data. These will


    •  be revised, as they reflect the available data at the time of publication. All 


    •  Industry Financial reports, including the revised statewide versions, will now reflect a March 2014 release date. Current US and Metro Industry Financial reports will also bear the March 2014 imprint, but contents will not vary from the 2013 releases of those versions.
    • We apologize for this problem and reaffirm our commitment to a transparent disclosure process.
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