February 2014

    • Beginning on February 10, 2014, both the Industry Financial and Micro Profit and Loss Report series are accepting CSV (comma delimited spreadsheet) uploads of user data to integrate into report benchmarking. During the input process, users will be given the option of manually inputting firm financials in the browser, or uploading a CSV. After populating the CSV  with data in assigned cells, users will be able upload the file and seamlessly integrated it into a final, fully benchmarked Industry Financial or Micro-Firm Profit and Loss report. This option is available at no added cost.
    • On February 5, a misalignment between column labels and corresponding data was identified and corrected in the Sources-Uses table of the Industry Financial series. No change was made in the report release date to reflect this revision, since the correctly-aligned numbers could have been calculated directly from other data in the report.
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