4. December 2012

    • Mid-year 2012q2 data has been posted for all major report series:
  •  Industry Financial Profiles: 2007-2012q2
  •  Micro-Firm Profit and Loss series: 2007-2012q2
  •  US Market Research Reports: 2009-2012q2
  •  State-Metro Industry Market Reports: 2009-2012q2
  •  Industry Market Snapshots: 2010-2012q2
  •  Competitive Market Narrative: 2012q2

The December 2012 release incorporates new content for the real-time period ending 2012q2. Data with this time series indicates  either a fixed time data point (for example, industry population) or a full year times series running from June 30, 2011-June 30, 2012. Both Financial and Industry Market reports retain their complete 3-5 year year-end data plus this additional 2012q2 data point.
Industry Classifications:
The classification for Pizza Restaurants-Full Serve (722110.16) has been deleted due to the ambiguity of the classification. Data from has been folded into the classification for Italian Restaurants-Full-Serve (722110.0210).

Our taxonomy continues to operate with the NACS 2007 basis. Introduction of the official NAICS 2012 system, which makes relatively minor changes, is planned for our next release of year-end data in Summer, 2013. Our extended taxonomy (detailed business segments indicated by decimals after the official NAICS-6 codes) will continue.

Roll-up Protocol:
The roll-up protocol we introduced in June 2012 remains in effect. (For detail, see the June, 2012 Release Notes below.) However, we discovered that the new protocol continued to include data from offspring industries that did not have sufficient content to be included in rollup calculations. These have now been filtered out of all roll-up reports. As a result, some relatively small changes may be found in certain rollups of industry-wide financial reports, roll-up versions of NAICS-2-3-4-5 reports for specific sales class segments and in some detailed segment reports. In some instances, significant changes have occurred in specialty industry segment financial reports (xxxxxx.xxxxxx) as a result of the applied roll-up procedure.

Small Business Counts:
In some instances, business counts in our Industry Market reports have been updated to correct technical errors made in the June 2011 release. Changes in these counts may affect small business average annual sales in the same report series.

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