Where does Bizminer Get its Data?

Bizminer prides itself in finding data from disparate public sources and turning it into useable information. Our proprietary process and how we use various data is what creates the valuable data that you have come to know and rely upon today.

Raw data analyzed for BizMiner reports is sourced from an array of the nation's government and private statistical sources. None of these raw data sources creates the final measures reflected in BizMiner industry profiles. In total, BizMiner accesses over a billion sourced data points from eighteen million business operations. Historical data and BizMiner algorithms are used to inform and test projections for non-reporting firms. Data comes from:

  • IRS Statistics of Income 
  • IRS SOI Corporation Tax Book 
  • IRS Sole Proprietorship Tables 
  • US Economic Census 
  • US Census Quarterly Financial Reports 
  • US Census County Business Patterns 
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Monthly Employment Reports 
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Monthly Unemployment Reports 
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Annual Wage Survey 
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Industry Productivity Reports 
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Price Indices 
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index 
  • National Agricultural Statistical Service 
  • US Census Retail Trade Report 
  • Data Axle 
  • DealStats 
  • American Community Survey 

BizMiner data is widely accepted for industry analytical work, benchmarking, valuations, forensics and litigation. BizMiner content is accepted in US Tax Court (Bauer vs. IRS: T.C. Memo. 2012-156) and is utilized by state, provincial and national taxing agencies in the US and Canada.

While 100% firm coverage is desirable for analysis purposes, the greatest value of BizMiner reports rests in discerning patterns of activity, which are reflected in the large samples used to develop our reports. The overall current coverage of the databases surpasses 13 million active business operations at any point in time.

As is the case with any databases this large, some errors are inevitable. Some firms are missed and specific information on others is lacking from the database. Not all information received is uniform or complete, resulting in the need to develop projection algorithms for specific industry segments and metrics in some report series. No representation is made as to the accuracy of the databases utilized or the results of subsequent analyses. Neither Crunchstreet, Inc nor its resellers has undertaken independent primary research to confirm the accuracy of the data utilized in the Profile analyses. Neither Crunchstreet, Inc nor its resellers are responsible for conclusions drawn or decisions made based upon this data or analysis. In no event will Crunchstreet, Inc or its resellers be liable for any damages, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential resulting from the use of the information contained in BizMiner reports.

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