Unavailable Financial Profile Combinations

Have you seen a notification like this on the Bizminer web app? 

What this means is that we do not publish information that meets all selections you made in your search. Below is a list of common industry, market area, and sales class combinations that we do not currently provide financial profile data for:

  • Sole Proprietorship structure is only available for the US market area and the industry-wide sales class. Selecting this option will cause your market area and sales class options to be reset. 
  • Legacy years are only available at US market area, and are not available for small, medium, large, and industry-wide sales class groupings. You must select a specific sales class.   
  • There is no local financial content for 2- or 3-digit NAICS codes.
  • There is no small, medium, large, or industry-wide sales class options for the 4-digit NAICS codes at the local market area level.  

Please contact us if you are seeing the above notification and your selections do not meet any of the criteria listed above.

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