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Industry Keyword Search Tips

For best results, avoid prefixes or suffixes that limit your search. For example, the search term "cabinet" produces dozens of results, but "cabinets" and "kitchen cabinet" result in far fewer choices, while "cabinetry" produces none at all.

Type in common key portions of words. For example, instead of "clothes" or "clothing", try "cloth" - the results will show all industries with words that contain "cloth". Similarly, input "packag" (no "e") to see industries which include "package", "packaging" and "packaged".

Our search tool only finds industry segment names, so if your first attempts display no results, try common alternatives. For example, only a few of our classifications use the term "internet", but several others use the term "online".

If you input a very broad industry group descriptor (for example, construction) you won't see the dozens or hundreds of industry segments within that broad category (for example, electrical contractor). The drill down tools are the best way to work from a broad classification name. BizMiner's industry keyword search is not designed to work with the names of specific firms.

You can input NAICS codes into the keyword search tool. The keyword search tool will not accept SIC codes, nor will it respond to SIC classification names.

Spell accurately, whether you are inputting full words or portions of words. We have many listings for "coffee" (and "coff"), but none for "cofee".

NAICS Input Tips
Start by inputting a two or four digit NAICS (xxxx). The results will show the specific result along with all “offspring” lines of business we report on within that code. Offspring classifications will be indented to indicate the hierarchy. Browse these and then link to your best choice.

Data from all of these subgroups will be included (but not broken out separately) in “parent” classification. Be aware of the trade-off between broader "parent" classifications (more firms in the data pool) and less populated sub-segments (more industry specificity).

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