April 2020

Bizminer has posted calendar year-end 2019 data in its flagship financial reports. This is the earliest year-end posting ever of Bizminer financial updates and marks a company milestone in efficient product turnaround that we intend to maintain and improve. (Note that these are year-end numbers, not to be confused with older fiscal year data labeled as 2019 by some competitors.) Year-end 2019 values are now displayed in our Industry Financial series for all 5000 IF industries, local and US versions in all sales class breakouts.

Also included in the 2019 data release: the SWOT-XPRESS and the Micro-Firm Profit-Loss series which has transitioned to the new Sole Proprietorship Industry Financial series with substantial formatting and content improvements. Note that CSV transition mapping from the Micro-Firm series to the Sole Proprietorship Industry Financial series can be found here. Improvements over the now sunset Micro-Firm series include:

Format Enhancements:
• The html report format is presented in an updated tabular framework similar to the current Industry Financial series.
• Optional branding tools have been added for developers and subject firms.
• Charting design and features have been enhanced, including dynamic text and optional editable comments.
• PDF and CSV design presentations have been improved.
• For clients who upload csv content, re-mapping files are presented on your report storage page (myreports).

Content Enhancements:
• An Owner Earnings line similar to the Discretionary Owner Earnings presented in our Industry Financial series, has been added.
• Two ratios have been added: Owner Earnings per Employee and Owner Earnings/Net Profit. Problematic individual ratio scores are red-flagged on the same tab.
• If optional inputs are populated, a new Summary Scores section displays benchmark scores for various ratios on a scale of 1-5 by ratio category. Individual ratio benchmark scores are displayed in the three Ratios tabs (Cash Flow-Solvency; Profitability; Efficiency).
• Redundant Average Monthly Cash Tables have been eliminated.

Cost of Sales-Labor line item revisions: Due to improved protocols for the analysis of the Cost of Sales-Labor line item in both the Industry Financial and Sole Proprietorship Financial series, we have made the unusual decision to restate that stand-alone line item for legacy years in a large number of industries. This is decision was based in part on the understanding that COS-L is an independent line item which is not applied to the calculation of any summary line items, bottom line metrics or financial ratios.

The LOOK UP! Crisis Period Public Service Initiative
In mid-April, Bizminer also released its LOOK UP! public service initiative, which provides any business owner with free updates of our customizable Monthly Small Business Monitor. The Monitor bundle was developed in response to the current medical, social and economic coronavirus crisis, and includes industry financial and market intelligence that lets small business owners assess and plan their re-entry into their local or national market. Content includes monthly SWOT-XPRESS updates and a special summary version of our Industry Financial reports. Business that sign on to LOOK UP! will continue to receive the free, refreshed content bundle for the duration of the crisis.

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